The Program Nears its 20th Anniversary, 2003-Present

Mudville Pinnacle Northwest 18U continues to serve ‘student-athletes’ throughout the state.  Through 2017, the club as helped guide over 100+ athletes to college baseball programs.  This includes a select number of players that have been drafted by professional baseball, participated for our country’s national team with USA Baseball, Area Codes and Mariners Cup competition.

Youth Organization is Born, 1999-2002

In 1999, Club Founder and Head Coach, Kurt Boyd gathered a group of dedicated baseball people to form an organization dedicated to the development of young athletes who were seeking year-round sports opportunity. In the early days, the Club was designed to serve the 9-year-old players that needed a program in the fall and winter seasons. Almost immediately, the organization grew into a multi-team structure that served youth from age nine to the 18U level.  For the past decade, the club has focused on the needs of the 18U-16U level only as Mudville Pinnacle Northwest.


With the input of Mike Gossler, Dean Holbrook, the late Mickey Merriam and Aaron Horrocks, the founders created the team mission and values and laid the groundwork for the future. All agreed that the program must embody the best traditions of the National Pastime and that those traditions were worthy of being passed to succeeding generations. The name Mudville 9 (from Thayer’s famous 1906 poem) was chosen in this spirit and a uniform style that reflected the historic Negro Leagues was a tone setter. The team concept was furthered by the fact that no individuals name would appear on game jerseys. These were the outward signs of the club’s values.


The values were furthered refined by the founders during the formative years. In the articles of incorporation that officially marked Mudville 9’s creation the club’s core values are clearly stated, “Mudville 9 is a progressive developmental program dedicated to the athlete’s personal growth through the game of baseball.”


Today- in Year 19 of the club’s operation- the dedication to the “complete athlete”  remains as vibrant as it was in 1999. Coaches are tasked with the development of a player that is properly schooled in fundamentals and technique and possesses the focus tools and mental toughness necessary for success in the game and in life.  The Mudville 9 Mission Statement contains the following:


  • Provide an environment for boys and girls that is safe and sustaining.MudvilleNine350x200
  • Provide a level of instruction that meets or exceeds the highest standards in the sport. All available tools from drills to technology must be employed.
  • Employ community resources field facilities, practice venues, press coverage etc.-using the full leverage of the organization’s 501 C (3) status.
  • Hire and develop the best coaching talent available in the region.
  • Promote Mudville 9 athletes in their search for involvement in the next level of the sport.
  • Network with coaches at the collegiate and professional levels to assist athletes in placement at the next level.
  • Conform to all protocols manifest in Section 501 C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.